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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The 5 Best Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bars for Your Home Gym

A man on a pull-up bar

If you want to step up your home gym, a wall-mounted pull-up bar is a great addition that will give you an authentic gym feel without ever leaving your home. Wall-mounted bars give you more flexibility over door-mounted options.

What to Look for in a Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar

Before you purchase a pull-up bar, you should consider how you’re going to use it, and where you’re going to mount it.

  • Mounting surface: Most wall-mounted pull-up bars can be mounted to any wall that has regularly spaced (16 or 24 inches) wooden studs, but some suggest you mount them specifically on brick or cement walls.
  • Size: You’ll need uninterrupted space across your wall to mount the bar, and enough space in front of the wall to freely exercise. Bars vary in size, so make sure the one you pick matches the space you have.
  • Exercise versatility: Pull-up bars usually come with angled grips that allow you to target specific muscles while working out. Wall-mounted options also usually have supports for extra accessories like gymnastic rings, yoga straps, and even punching bags.
  • Comfort: Your entire body will be hanging from the pull-up bar. You need to be able to hold on without getting hand cramps or slipping off during lengthy workouts. The pull-up bar should be comfortable.

Remember that a wall-mounted pull-up bar needs to be screwed into strong supports. If you’ don’t have concrete or brick walls to mount your pull-up bar, grab a stud finder and figure out where you can safely mount your bar. If you don’t screw it into the studs and just go through straight drywall, using the bar will more than likely result in you and the bar taking a short trip to the ground together, likely ending in injury and damaged walls. Not every studded wall can support hundreds of pounds though. If you’re unsure whether or not your wall can support a wall-mounted pull-up bar, consult a professional.

The Best for Most People: Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount

 Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar
Ultimate Body Press

The Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull-Up Bar has two mounts that sit 16 inches apart, so it can be screwed into most standard wall studs. It has a 42-inch bar with multiple grip locations, angles, and separate neutral grips, giving you a wide range of exercise options.

You can also hang other equipment (like gymnastic rings, ab straps, and resistance bands) from it for a full-range bodyweight gym—all from one bar. Getting away from the doorway gives you the option to install it as high as you need for your height, and it gives you a much wider range of motion than you get in a doorframe.

The Best Wall-Mounted Option

Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar with 4 Grip Positions and Upgraded Design for 2019

The Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount will allow you to install a pull-up bar on any wall in your house, getting the doorway out of your way.

The Premium Choice: Merax Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar

Merax Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar

The Merax Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar can be mounted in two orientations. The pull-up bar position allows you to use this as a normal bar with a wide, 38-inch grip. Then the bar can also be turned 90 degrees and hung on the wall so that you can use the padded back and arm supports for intense ab and chest workouts while reducing pressure on your spine. The bar holds 440 pounds and has two suspension anchors, so you can hang up punching bags, yoga straps, and other accessories.

The Merax Pull-Up Bar comes with two sets of bar hooks that let you hang your bar at two different heights. The bar hooks get screwed onto your wall or supports and then you just hang the pull-up bar from the hooks. It’s suggested to mount onto brick or concrete walls, but it will still work on wood studs. However, it is suggested to place an extra layer of wood between the wall and bar, because the bar otherwise would press into the drywall leaving marks and indentations.

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