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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Spice Up Your Browser’s Homepage with These 10 Random Website Generators

Web Browser Homescreen
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Having the same homepage every time you open your web browser can get boring after a while. Here are ten websites that will deliver a random fun fact, video, or piece of information to you every time you open your browser.

If you want to keep your existing homepage, you can always change things up by having multiple homepages. Right-click the links below to copy the link you need and add it to your home page settings (or bookmark it) in your browser of choice.

Not sure how to change your home page? We’ve got you covered, whether you’re on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari.


Wikipedia Logo

Everyone’s favorite encyclopedia—Wikipedia— has a random page option that will display a page from its collection of nearly 6 million pages.

If you want to use a different language, change the “en” in the URL to the appropriate language, such as “es” for Spanish or “de” for German. This is also really useful if you’re learning a new language.

Additionally, most sites built on this wiki format have a “random” option, which brings us neatly to . . .


Wookiepedia Logo

The Wookiepedia wiki also includes a random page option. If you’re a Star Wars fan—as many of us here at How-To Geek are—then there’s a good chance this will eat up time like nothing else.

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