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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

How to Merge Multiple Google Drive and Google Photos Accounts

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It isn’t possible to merge Google accounts directly, making it tricky to move your data from A to B. If you want to merge data across multiple Google Drive and Google Photos accounts, here’s how you do it.

Because you can’t “merge” accounts directly, you have to use some workarounds instead. Google allows Google Photo users to share their photo libraries with other “partner” accounts, enabling them to sync photos across each account.

Unlike Google Photos, it isn’t possible to sync Google Drive data automatically to create a “mirror” of your data across multiple accounts. Once your data is “merged” on a single account, however, you can focus on using that individual account for your cloud data storage.

Merging Google Drive Accounts

There isn’t an easy method for moving data from one Google Drive account to another. The easiest way, especially if you have multiple accounts, is to use Google’s data export tool to download your data from each of your Google accounts.

From there, you can use Google Backup and Sync to combine your exported data from multiple accounts to one, single Google account.

Setting up Google Backup and Sync

First, you’ll need to set up Google Backup and Sync on your PC or Mac. Start by downloading Google Backup and Sync and running the installer. It will download the necessary files and install itself without any additional input.

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Once Google Backup and Sync is installed, open it and click “Get Started” at the splash screen. You’ll need to sign in to the Google account you want to copy your data to.

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