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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

How to Enable or Disable Secure Sign-In for Windows 10

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Windows is the most targeted operating system on the planet. That means you should fortify your PC’s defenses to stay safe both online and offline. This guide shows you how to enable or disable Secure Sign-In for Windows 10.

Secure Sign-In is an additional component on the Windows 10 login screen. It doesn’t prevent anyone from accessing your PC if they have your credentials. Instead, Windows 10 removes the login fields until you type a string of keys. After that, enter your password or PIN as usual.

This feature aims to thwart malware. Malicious code could reside in the background and spoof the Windows 10 login screen to capture your credentials. Because apps and programs typically don’t have access to the Ctrl+At+Del command, you can bypass the fake login screen by using Secure Sign-In that’s activated by typing this three-key command.

Enable or Disable Using the Netplwiz Command

To start, launch the Run command by pressing the “Windows” and “R” keys simultaneously (Windows+R). A small pop-up window will appear. Type “netplwiz” (without quotes) in the text field and then click the “OK” button (or press the Enter key) to continue.

Type netplwiz in Run Command

Alternatively, you can access the User Accounts panel by typing “netplwiz” into the taskbar’s search field and selecting the resulting Run command.

The User Accounts panel will appear onscreen. Click the “Advanced” tab (if it’s not loaded by default). Locate the “Require Users to Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete” option listed under “Secure Sign-In.” Check to enable or uncheck to disable.

Click the “Apply” button and then the “OK” button to finish.

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