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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

How to Automatically Sort Emails Into Specific Outlook Folders

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Despite the rise of tools like Slack, email isn’t going away, and it can sometimes feel overwhelming. One way to get your email under control is to have Outlook automatically sort incoming messages to specific folders.

To do this, we’re going to use Outlook rules. These operate automatically when you send or receive email and perform tasks you’ve chosen ahead of time.

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There are two ways you can create a rule to do this. The first method is easier and works best with a single email address you want to move automatically. This is ideal for emails that always come from a single address, like a ticketing or alert system.

The second method is a bit more involved but still pretty simple. It works best for an entire domain—such as all emails from people at the same business—or if you want to set up a bunch of rules one after the other.

Creating Simple Rules

To create a rule the simple way, open your Outlook inbox, right-click an email you want to sort automatically, and then click Rules > Create Rule.

Click "Rules," and then click "Create Rule."

The Create Rule window opens. Click the checkbox next to the name of the person. This tells Outlook to apply the rule to any emails from that address. Next, click the “Move the Item to Folder:” checkbox.

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