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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Work Better While Traveling with These Tips

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Whether it’s a business trip or a working vacation, sometimes, it makes sense to mix work and travel. But while working on the go is something many people fantasize about, in reality, it can be much more complicated than working in your regular office.

However, it doesn’t have to be so hard. With the right approach, working on the go can be a great way to see new places without breaking the bank on vacation expenses. Want to get more out of your work-related travel? Try these tips.

Reduce Your Workload Temporarily

If you plan to work and travel long-term, you’ll need to balance your normal workload with your travel plans. Over time, you’ll find an on-the-go workflow that works for you.

But if you’re just taking a short trip, it’s helpful to bring your workload down a notch.

This doesn’t mean you need to work the bare minimum. However, it’s wise to avoid major projects and big deadlines when you’re on a trip. Say no to any extra responsibilities that are outside of your regular work schedule—or schedule them for after you return. Delegate tasks if you can.

Traveling can often bring unexpected delays and difficulties, and having a slightly lighter workload will ensure you have the flexibility to work with those challenges. Try to schedule your biggest projects and deadlines for at least one week before or after your trip.

Prepare for Time Zone Differences

When you’re traveling, any work calls or long-distance meetings will need to work around time zone differences. If you can’t schedule them for when you’re back home, just be aware of how the time difference might affect your schedule.

Remember that not every conversation and meeting is worth losing sleep over: sometimes, the same information can just as easily get relayed in an email.

Also, you can sometimes use time zone differences to your advantage. For example, you might be able to start your workday before your clients or coworkers get online, giving you an uninterrupted block of time that’s hard to find at home.

Stock Your Lodgings with Groceries

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