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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

How to Enable a Play/Pause Button on Chrome’s Toolbar

The Play button on Chrome's browser toolbar.

Which tab is playing sound? With Chrome’s new Play/Pause button, you don’t have to hunt it down. You can control playback from any browser tab using a convenient button on Chrome’s toolbar.

Google Chrome’s new media playback controls are part of the stable version of Chrome 77 but disabled by default. You can enable the button with a hidden flag and use it today, just like Chrome’s new Extensions menu, hidden Reader Mode, and the “Send Tab to Self” feature.

Like those other options, this feature is hidden behind an experimental flag. Google may change how it works or remove it in the future. However, we expect Google to enable the Play/Pause button for everyone in a future version of Chrome.

To find this option, type chrome://flags/ into Chrome’s Omnibox (address bar) and press Enter. Search for “Global Media” here.  You can also copy-paste the following line into Chrome’s Omnibox to go straight to this option:


Enabling global media controls in Google Chrome.

Click the box to the right of Global Media Controls and select “Enabled.”

Chrome will prompt you to restart your browser. Click “Relaunch Now” when you’re ready, but be sure to save your work in any open tabs first. Chrome will reopen any tabs you had open after it restarts, but the current state of the tabs—for example, data you’ve typed in text boxes—will be lost.

Relaunching Chrome after enabling a flag.

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