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Monday, September 23, 2019

How to Calculate Percent Increases in Excel

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If you can calculate percentages in Excel, it comes in handy. For example, you might need to calculate the tax on a sale, or the percentage of change in sales from last month to this month. Here’s how you do it!

Calculate Percent Increase

To get started, let’s calculate the increase of one value over another as a percentage.

In this example, we want to find the percentage of increase in the sales of a product this month compared to last month. In the image below, you can see last month’s value of 430 in cell B3, and this month’s sales of 545 in cell C3.

Data in an Excel spreadsheet to calculate a percentage of increase.

To calculate the difference as a percentage, we subtract this month’s value from last month’s, and then divide the result by last month’s value.


The brackets around the subtraction part of the formula ensure that calculation occurs first.

Initial result of percentage increase in an Excel spreadsheet.

To format the result as a percentage, click the “Percent Style” button in the “Number” section on the Home tab.

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