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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

All the Best Google Sheets Keyboard Shortcuts

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No one likes to do things the hard way, which is why we have keyboard shortcuts! We’re going to look at the shortcuts you can use in Google Sheets to save yourself some time.

By no means is this a complete list of all keyboard shortcuts available in Google Sheets. We’ve limited our list to those that are more generally useful. There are plenty more you can explore if you can’t find what you’re looking for in this guide.

To open a list of keyboard shortcuts in Google Sheets, press Ctrl + / (Windows and Chrome OS), Cmd + / (macOS) If you want to see the complete list, check out the Google Sheets support page.

General Program Actions

These keyboard shortcuts make it easier to perform common actions, like copying cells or selecting rows or columns:

  • Ctrl+C (Windows/Chrome OS) or Cmd+C (macOS): Copy the selected cells to the Clipboard.
  • Ctrl+X (Windows/Chrome OS) or Cmd+X (macOS): Cut the selected cells to the Clipboard.
  • Ctrl+V (Windows/Chrome OS) or Cmd+V (macOS): Paste the contents of the Clipboard to the sheet.
  • Ctrl+Shift+V (Windows/Chrome OS) or Cmd+Shift+V (macOS): Paste only the values of the Clipboard.
  • Ctrl+Space (Windows/Chrome OS) or Cmd+Space (macOS): Select the whole column.
  • Shift+Space (Windows/Chrome OS) or Shift+Space (macOS): Select the whole row.
  • Ctrl+A (Windows/Chrome OS) or Cmd+A (macOS): Select all of the cells.
  • Ctrl+Z (Windows/Chrome OS) or Cmd+Z (macOS): Undo an action.
  • Ctrl+Y (Windows/Chrome OS) or Cmd+Y (macOS): Redo an action.
  • Ctrl+F (Windows/Chrome OS) or Cmd+F (macOS): Find in the sheet.
  • Ctrl+H (Windows/Chrome OS) or Cmd+H (macOS): Find and replace in the sheet.
  • Shift+F11 (Windows Only): Insert a new sheet.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H (Windows/Chrome OS) or Cmd+Option+Shift+H (macOS): Open the spreadsheet’s revision history.

Format Cells

Google Sheets has heaps of shortcuts you can use to format cells. These are the shortcuts you use to do things like italicize or bold text, or format cell data to exponents:

  • Ctrl+B (Windows/Chrome OS) or Cmd+B (macOS): Bold.
  • Ctrl+I (Windows/Chrome OS) or Cmd+I (macOS): Italicize.
  • Ctrl+U (Windows/Chrome OS) or Cmd+U (macOS): Underline.
  • Ctrl+Shift+E (Windows/Chrome OS) or Cmd+Shift+E (macOS): Center align a cell.
  • Ctrl+Shift+L (Windows/Chrome OS) or Cmd+Shift+L (macOS): Left align a cell
  • Ctrl+Shift+R (Windows/Chrome OS) or Cmd+Shift+R (macOS): Right align a cell.
  • Ctrl+; (Windows/Chrome OS) or Cmd+; (macOS): Insert the current date.
  • Alt+Shift+7 (Windows/Chrome OS) or Cmd+Shift+7 (macOS): Apply an outer border to the selected cells.
  • Alt+Shift+6 (Windows/Chrome OS) or Option+Shift+6 (macOS): Remove a border from the selected cells.
  • Ctrl+Shift+1 (Windows/Chrome OS/macOS): Format as a decimal.
  • Ctrl+Shift+2 (Windows/Chrome OS/macOS): Format as time.
  • Ctrl+Shift+3 (Windows/Chrome OS/macOS): Format as a date.
  • Ctrl+Shift+4 (Windows/Chrome OS/macOS): Format as currency.
  • Ctrl+Shift+5 (Windows/Chrome OS/macOS): Format as a percentage.
  • Ctrl+Shift+6 (Windows/Chrome OS/macOS): Format as an exponent.
  • Ctrl+\ (Windows/Chrome OS) or Cmd+\ (macOS): Clear all formatting from the selected cells.

Move Around a Spreadsheet

You can move around your spreadsheet quickly without touching your mouse! With these helpful shortcuts, you can zip between rows and columns:

  • Left/Right/Up/Down Arrow: Move one cell to the left, right, up, or down.
  • Ctrl+Left/Right Arrow (Windows/Chrome OS) or Ctrl+Option+Left/Right Arrow (macOS): Move to the first or last cell with data in a row.
  • Ctrl+Up/Down Arrow (Windows/Chrome OS) or Ctrl+Option+Up/Down Arrow (macOS): Move to the first or last cell with data in a column.
  • Home (Windows), Search+Left Arrow (Chrome OS), or Fn+Left Arrow (macOS): Move to the beginning of a row.
  • End (Windows), Search+Right Arrow (Chrome OS), or Fn+Right Arrow (macOS): Move to the end of a row.
  • Ctrl+Home (Windows), Ctrl+Search+Left Arrow (Chrome OS), or Cmd+Fn+Left Arrow (macOS): Move to the beginning of the sheet (A1).
  • Ctrl+End (Windows), Ctrl+Search+Right Arrow (Chrome OS), or Cmd+Fn+Right Arrow (macOS): Move to the end of the sheet.
  • Ctrl+Backspace (Windows/Chrome OS) or Cmd+Backspace (macOS): Scroll back to the active cell.
  • Alt+Down/Up Arrow (Windows/Chrome OS) or Option+Down/Up Arrow (macOS): If you have more than one sheet in the current file, use this shortcut to move to the next or previous sheet.
  • Alt+Shift+K (Windows/Chrome OS) or Option+Shift+K (macOS): Display a list of all sheets.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M (Windows/Chrome OS) or Ctrl+Cmd+Shift+M (macOS): Move focus out of the spreadsheet.

Use Formulas

These shortcuts come in handy when you type formulas in your spreadsheet:

  • Ctrl+~: Show all formulas in the sheet.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Enter (Windows/Chrome OS) or Cmd+Shift+Enter (macOS): Insert an array formula (when you input a formula, type “=” first).
  • F1 (Windows) or Fn+F1 (macOS): Full or compact formula help (when you type a formula).
  • F9 (Windows) or Fn+F9 (macOS): Toggle formula result previews (when you type a formula).

Add or Change Rows and Columns on a PC

If you want to duplicate a cell’s data into a selected range, hide or delete columns or rows, follow the shortcuts below.

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