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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Quickly Handle Mail With the Outlook Mail App Swipe Actions

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If you do email on your phone, swipe actions can help you spin through your inbox much quicker. Here’s how to use them in Outlook and how to change them if the defaults don’t work for you.

To swipe an email in Outlook, put your finger on the email and move it right (“swipe right”) or left (“swipe left”). By default, swiping right deletes an email (move it to the Deleted Items folder) and swiping left moves an email to your Archive folder. This might be enough for you, in which case, thanks for reading this very short article, and we hope it was useful.

If, however, you want to change the default swipe actions—or turn them off entirely—read on. There are several different swipe actions you can choose from in Outlook:

  • Delete: Moves the email to the Deleted Items folder.
  • Archive: Moves the mail to the Archive folder.
  • Mark as Read: Marks the email as read, but doesn’t do anything else.
  • Move to Folder: Shows a list of your mailbox folders so you can move the email.
  • Flag: Adds a to-do flag to the email.
  • Schedule: Hides the email until a time you specify.
  • Read & Archive: Marks the email as read and then moves it to the Archive folder.
  • None: This effectively turns off the swipe action.

You can apply any of these actions to the swipe left or swipe right action, and even apply the same action to both left and right swipes. This is ideal if swiping isn’t your thing, and you want to change both left and right swipe to “None.”

To change the swipe actions, tap the hamburger menu in the top left of the app.

The hamburger icon in the Outlook mail app

At the bottom left tap the “Settings” cog.

The Settings cog

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