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Friday, July 5, 2019

How to Turn on Two-Factor Authentication For Your Amazon Account

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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a great security tool, and we always recommend it. Most apps make it pretty easy to turn on 2FA, and Amazon is no exception. Here’s how to enable it and make yourself safer.

You’ll need to be logged in to your Amazon account, either on the Amazon website or in the Amazon app in your phone. Once you’re logged in, go to Your Account > Login & security and click the Edit button next to “Advanced Security Settings.”

The "Advanced Security Settings" edit button

At the top of the page, next to the “Two-Step Verification” title, click “Get Started.” (And yes, Amazon calls it two-step verification instead of two-factor authentication, but it’s the same thing.)

The "Two-Step Verification" Get Started button

Now you get to choose how you want to receive your 2FA codes. We recommend using an authenticator app, which is the process we’re going to show here, but you can use SMS if you prefer as it’s better than not using 2FA at all.

The QR code, and the MFA code text box

The first step in the process is to install your authenticator app, which we’ll assume you’ve done already. The second step is to open your authenticator app and add an account:

  • If you’re using the Amazon website: Hold your phone camera up to the QR code displayed by Amazon, and follow the instructions in your app.
  • If you’re using the Amazon app on your phone: Copy the long code that’s displayed and add it manually to your authenticator app.

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