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Thursday, July 4, 2019

How to Customize Windows 10’s Appearance

personalization page in settings app

Windows 10 includes a bunch of personalization settings that let you change your desktop background, windows colors, lock screen background, and more. Here is what you need to know to get your computer looking exactly how you want it.

We’re going to be talking about the Personalization settings Windows makes available at Settings > Personalization, so you might as well go ahead and fire that up now. There are other ways you can customize your computer’s look, though, such as configuring folder options , or customizing the Start menu, Taskbar, Action Center, and icons however it makes sense to you.

Change Your Windows Background

The first set of options—those you find in the “Background” category on the Personalization settings page—let you control your desktop background and they should look pretty familiar to you if you’ve been using Windows for a while.

To use a picture as your background, choose “Picture” from the “Background” drop-down menu. Just like in previous versions, Windows 10 comes with a few pictures to choose from, or you can click “Browse” and locate your own picture.

background options in settings app

Once you choose a picture, you can decide how your picture will fit on your desktop—whether it fills, fits, stretches, tiles, and so on. If you’re using multiple monitors, you can also choose a “Span” option that displays a single picture across all your monitors.

choosing a fit for your image

If you want to rotate through a set of pictures for your background, choose “Slideshow” from the “Background” drop-down menu. To create a slideshow, you’ll need to select a folder from which Windows can draw pictures. You can’t select individual pictures–only folders–so go ahead and set up a folder with your favorite background pictures before selecting this option. After selecting your folder, you can also specify how often Windows changes the background picture, whether it shuffles the pictures randomly, and how the pictures should fit your desktop.

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