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Friday, June 14, 2019

How to Reduce the File Size of a PowerPoint Presentation

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Considering that Microsoft PowerPoint presentations are generally accompanied with tons of images, gifs, embedded videos, charts, graphs, and other content, it’s no surprise that you get some pretty big files. Here are a few steps you can take to reduce a presentation’s file size.

Large files can be annoying. They take up loads of precious disk space, slow down playback performance, and can cause emails to bounce back due to exceeding the file size limit. You can prevent all of these things by reducing the file size of your presentation.

We’ve mentioned it before, but the first thing you’d think of when considering file size reduction is images—and for a good reason. Image files can be quite large. There are steps you can take to reduce the size, such as compressing the images in the presentation. If you suspect the reason your PowerPoint file is so large is due to images, then be sure to read the article we’ve written on how to reduce the size of Office documents that contain images.

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We do have some additional tips to add if you followed these steps but still need to reduce your presentation’s file size.

Convert Your Presentation to the PPTX Format

Microsoft released the PPTX format in Office 2007. Still, it’s not uncommon to see PPT files floating around. So what’s the difference between a PPT and PPTX file? The PPTX version compresses all of the content within the presentation. If you have a PPT file and convert it into a PPTX file, you’ll notice a decrease in the file size.

Converting the file is as simple as pressing a button and choosing the file type. Go ahead and open your PPT file, head over to the “File” tab, and then click “Convert.”

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