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Friday, May 3, 2019

How to Protect Cells From Editing in Google Sheets

Protecting individual cells in Google Sheets is a great way to prevent data in your spreadsheet from getting changed—accidentally or intentionally—by anyone viewing the sheet. Fortunately, Sheets provides a handy tool to protects people from altering cells in your document.

Protecting Cells in Google Sheets

One of the best features of Google Sheets (and all the other Google apps) is the ability for anyone with edit access to collaborate on documents in the cloud. However, sometimes you don’t want the people you’re sharing a document with to edit specific cells in your sheet without completely revoking their ability to edit. This where protecting specific cells comes in handy.

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Fire up your browser, open a Google Sheet that has cells you want to protect, and then select the cells.

Select the set of cells you want to protect

With the cells selected, open the “Data” menu and then click “Protect Sheets and Ranges.”

click Data, then on Protect Sheets and Ranges

The Protected Sheets and Ranges pane appears on the right. Here, you can enter a brief description and then click “Set Permissions” to customize the cell’s protection permissions.

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