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Monday, March 4, 2019

The Best GoPro Video Software for Beginners and Seniors [Sponsored]

No one would like to upload raw GoPro footages to YouTube if he or she knows how to make videos more attractive through post-editing. Don’t think of video editing as a thing that only professional video editors can do. Actually, it isn’t as difficult as you imagine. There’re quite a lot of newbie-friendly video programs that make it easy for anyone to edit and process GoPro videos. In this post, we will introduce two pieces of well-rated GoPro video software for beginners and also two for advanced users.

  1. VideoProc

Pros: VideoProc is a lightweight, easy-to-use, feature-rich, and reasonably priced program. It is a good choice for beginners. This tool can make video processing work right, even if it is installed on a low-end computer. Fully supporting Intel/NVIDIA/AMD hardware acceleration, it can transcode and process GoPro videos including large 4K HEVC files at fast speed.

Cons: The editing features VideoProc offers are not enough for power users.

Overview: VideoProc is a piece of multifunctional video processing software compatible with Windows and Mac. Generally, it does video converting, audio converting, DVD digitizing, video downloading, screen/webcam recording, and also video editing.

VideoProc comes with several options specially designed for GoPro users, namely, stabilizing shaky GoPro videos, reducing background noise, and correcting fisheye lens distortion. Apart from them, there’re many other useful features that GoPro users will love.

It can change GoPro video format, from HEVC to H.264 for instance, downscale or upscale video resolution, cut off unwanted parts, split a long GoPro footage into small pieces, merge multiple video clips into a single one file, increase the brightness of videos which you shoot in low light conditions, and more. In addition, VideoProc can troubleshoot some errors, such as “GoPro Quik won’t play video“, by compressing and converting video.

  1. Quik for Desktop

Pros: You don’t need to spend a penny to use its features.

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