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Friday, March 8, 2019

I Paid $42 for Apple to Install a Screen Protector and I Ain’t Even Mad

iPhone X screen protector

Installing a screen protector yourself is one of the worst things ever, possibly worse than stubbing a toe. It’s so bad that I went to an Apple Store and paid them $42.75 to do it for me. I regret nothing.

Anyone who has ever tried to install a screen protector knows exactly what I’m talking about—you can never truly get it aligned correctly, and specs of dust always seem to make their way underneath the screen protector right as you go to lay it down.

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I eventually threw in the towel and went to an Apple Store, where I knew they had special little doohickies that can install a screen protector perfectly every time on your fancy new iPhone. The results are always fantastic.

A Closer Look At Those Special Little Doohickies

The screen protector applicators that you see at Apple Stores are actually of Belkin’s design, called the ScreenCare+ Application System.

It’s as easy as setting the iPhone and the screen protector into the slots (which line everything up for you), closing the shell, and then yanking off the protective films. A trained seal could probably do it.

The ScreenCare+ system is proprietary to Apple Stores, although T-Mobile stores have something similar from Belkin as well. Unfortunately, the public can’t buy these devices for themselves, so us peasants are stuck doing it the old-fashioned way.

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