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Sunday, February 10, 2019

What Happens to Your Smarthome When the Power Goes Out?

Smarthome gadgets are convenient, but what happens when the power goes out? Can you unlock an electric smart lock? Will all your smart lights come on at 3 a.m. when the power returns? And what about your garage door.

Power Outages Aren’t Much Worse For Smart Homes

Power outages happen, and they’re annoying to everyone. Every home depends on electricity to power climate control, lighting, internet, appliances, and so many other modern conveniences. A power outage is a problem in a smarthome, sure—but it’s a problem in every home.

Let’s be honest: Losing power in a smarthome isn’t different from losing it in any other home these days. Most smart devices will stop functioning just like most “dumb” devices, but there are some things to keep in mind—especially for smart locks and some smart lights.

Smart Locks Are Battery Powered, and May Have A Backup

Kwikset Smart Lock with Keypad

Just because you’ve lost power doesn’t mean a smart lock has completely stopped working. Smart locks are battery powered, so the locking mechanism can keep working even when the rest of your home loses power. However, any remote capabilities that rely on the internet or a connected hub will not work. And that includes battery notifications, so if the power outage is expected to last you might want to replace your batteries as a precaution.

Batteries dying won’t be a concern if your smart lock includes a keyhole. In that case, make sure to have your key, but if your smart lock features only a keypad or Bluetooth connection then go ahead and replace the batteries or at the very least test their charge. Some smart locks have terminals to receive a charge from a 9V battery as well; if that applies to you, then it may be worthwhile to store one in your car in the glovebox. For example, both the Schlage Z-Wave connect and the Kwikset Kevo have keyholes, while the Yale Assure Lock features a 9-volt battery backup option.

Smart Lights Might Wake You Up

two Philips hue bulbs

While your power is out, your smart lights are the same as any other light—off. They won’t do much of anything until you get power back, which is no surprise. The bigger question is what happens when the power comes back on. Many smart lights will stay off until you explicitly turn them back on. But some lights, like Philips Hue bulbs, can act differently. Depending on the current setting, these bulbs may turn on as soon as your power returns.

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