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Friday, February 1, 2019

How To Reduce Desktop Animations on a Mac with Reduce Motion

Accessibility options

The Mac, just like iOS, has more than its fair share of fancy animations that accompany most user interactions. They can look pretty great, but they can also make people prone to motion sickness feel unwell. That’s no good, so here’s how to disable them.

Unfortunately, no matter what you do it’s impossible to stop macOS from getting a little carried away with itself, flinging interface elements around the screen with nary a thought for your health. You can, however, limit the amount of on-screen motion to which you are subjected to by ticking one checkbox.

The “Reduce Motion” option is one that does exactly what it sounds like. By reducing the motion and animations on-screen, the setting should make it easier for everyone to use their Mac without feeling queasy. If you suffer from motion sickness, this is a setting you absolutely ought to try.

Enabling Reduce Motion

As the description of the feature might lead you to believe, “Reduce Motion” is an accessibility setting, so to get started head on over to System Preferences. To do that, click the Apple logo at the top of the screen and then click “System Preferences.”

Click Apple logo, click System Preferences.

Next, click “Accessibility.” You’ll find it towards the bottom of the System Preferences panel.

Click Accessibility

In the left pane, click the “Display” category. On the right, tick the “Reduce Motion” checkbox to enable to feature.

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