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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

How to Block Trackers in Firefox (Without Installing Add-ons)

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Websites track you online to show you targeted advertisements, and Firefox 65 is just the latest browser to help you opt out. You can now block tracking content online without the need for a third-party add-on.

What is Content Blocking in Firefox?

Content blocking” is a collection of privacy settings designed to block trackers and cookies that affect your privacy and browsing performance online. This feature first appeared in Firefox 63 as “tracking protection,” but it’s been redesigned and is now named “content blocking.”

By teaming up with Disconnect, a company striving to give people the freedom to move about the internet without having to worry whether their information is being collected and sold, Firefox can block a list of known trackers when browsing the internet. You can find a full list of trackers Disconnect does and doesn’t block—along with explanations—on its website.

Firefox lets you choose between three options to protect your privacy better online:

  • Standard: This is the default setting and only blocks known trackers in Private windows, allowing for a balance between protection and performance. Third-party tracking cookies are not blocked using this mode.
  • Strict: Blocks all known trackers and third-party tracking cookies in any windows, including regular sessions, that Firefox detects.
  • Custom: A mix between the standard and strict modes which allows you to gain complete control over trackers and cookies and lets you choose what you want to block.

Warning: When you block all cookies, some websites that rely on them may not function as intended. This can result in pages or parts of pages from loading or breaking altogether.

How to Enable Content Blocking

To find these settings, click Menu > Content Blocking in Firefox. If you don’t see this option, you haven’t upgraded to Firefox 65 yet.

Open Content Blocking settings

On the Firefox preferences privacy page, choose the option that’s best suited for you.

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