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Monday, January 7, 2019

TP-Link Unveils a Slew of New Kasa Devices, Including a Video Doorbell

TP-Link has made a huge splash with its Kasa smarthome devices over the last couple of years, but the lineup has been fairly limited until now. The company has announced a handful of new things, including a video doorbell.

The Kasa Smart Video Doorbell, as it’s called, can record video in 2K HDR and has night vision capabilities. It also comes with hardware-supported face detection, which allows the camera to differentiate between people and other objects, as well as recognize who exactly is at the door, whether it’s the mailman, your neighbor, or just a stranger. This will be available at some point during the first half of 2019. Pricing info isn’t yet known.

TP-Link also announced the Kasa Smart Wire-Free Outdoor Security Camera System, which comes with a fully wireless camera powered by a battery and connects to an included hub. The camera can record full 1080p HD video and has night vision capabilities along with two-way audio communication. The system will come in either one, two, or three-camera packages. No price is determined yet but it will be available within the first half of 2019.

On top of the Wire-Free Outdoor Camera System, TP-Link also unveiled the Kasa Smart Spot Indoor Security Camera, which will be available alongside the current regular Kasa Cam as a budget option. The Spot records in 1080p and can do night vision and two-way audio. You’ll also be able to stream the video feed to Alexa and Google Assistant displays, like the Echo Show and Google Home Hub. This will be available in the spring for $50.

Aside from new camera devices, there’s also a new Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch with Voice Assistant. It combines what you currently enjoy with Kasa’s smart light switch, but comes with built-in smart speaker complete with a microphone and a speaker. So you can use it as a full-on smart speaker and stream music from it, or use it as an intercom with your Kasa video doorbell. It’s not known which voice assistant it will use (either Alexa or Google Assistant, or possibly something else), but we reached out for a comment and will update this when we find out. The switch will arrive in the first half of this year, though no price information is available yet.

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