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Monday, January 21, 2019

Three Ways to Improve Your Smarthome

Smartphone controlling temperature on a smart thermostat

The initial appeal of smarthome devices can be one of intrigue. Furthermore, these products can do a lot more than you might think from first glance.

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When most people think of how you control smarthome devices and what you can do with them, they most likely envision the ability to control things from their smartphones or using their voice with Alexa or Google Assistant.

All of this is true, and it’s certainly the basis of controlling smarthome devices, but there’s also a lot more you can do with this stuff. Let’s go over a few cool ways you can improve your smarthome experience.

Automating Devices

routines for turning the porchlight on or off at specified times of day

Using your phone to control things like the thermostat and your lights is pretty cool, especially when you can do it while you’re away from home. But the real superpower is not having to control them manually at all.

In an ideal smarthome, everything is automated—devices control themselves based on some parameters that you’ve set up ahead of time. There are several different ways you can automate everything, including by motion, scheduling, geofencing, or triggering by a separate action.

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