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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Best Wireless RF Headphones For Your TV, Music, And Media

If the short range and limited connectivity of Bluetooth is ruining your movie or music experience, then it may be time to try out a powerful set of RF headphones.

Bluetooth connections only have a limited range of about 30 feet, and they can usually only connect to a single Bluetooth device. But RF signals are much stronger. The best RF headphone transmitters have a signal range of 328 feet, and they can broadcast to an unlimited number of devices. That makes RF headphones perfect for whole-home listening parties, or for quietly watching a movie from across the room.

A set of RF headphones always comes with an RF transmitter. These transmitters take the audio signal from your TV or stereo and turn them into radio waves, like a miniature radio tower in your living room. In fact, if you need any convincing to go with an RF headset over a Bluetooth model, that’s probably it: there’s no pairing, repairing, or lost connections once you do the initial setup. Like a radio tuned to a specific station, the headphones will never lose their connection. It’s all the wireless freedom of Bluetooth but none of the annoyances. These transmitters are also used to dock and charge your RF headphones, which are powered by batteries, not cables.

That’s seems simple enough, but it can be hard to find yourself the perfect set of RF headphones. Some of them are pretty straightforward, while others are chocked full of knobs and EQ options. That’s why we’ve taken the time to find the best RF headphones for everybody’s needs.

Sennheiser RS 120 ($74)

It’s hard to find a good set of RF headphones without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for an affordable set of RF headphones that comes with some premium features, then you should take a look at the Sennheiser RS 120. The RS 120 transmitter can hold a connection of 120 feet, and it connects to your TV via RCA, 1/4″ or AUX cable.

The RS 120 headphones are light and ergonomic, and they have volume controls, so you don’t have to get up to adjust your sound. They may not have any EQ or noise-cancellation settings, but for $74, they’re a great way to listen to music or TV from anywhere in your home. They’re among the best rated RF headphones on Amazon—four stars over a staggering 15,000+ ratings—for a good reason, after over a decade the design is still going strong.

ARTISTE RF Headphones ($76)

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