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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Best Tech Travel Organizers For All Your Cables And Small Gadgets

To keep all your cables, chargers, SD cards, batteries, and assorted extras from getting lost in the bottom of your bag, you need some sort of system to keep them organized. Let’s look at our favorites.

Over the last few years, I’ve noticed a kind of cable creep happen to me. I used to be able to travel with my Nokia charger and that was about it. Now, it’s not surprising to see someone lugging around a plethora of USB cables, three charging bricks, an external battery pack, a computer charger, a Chromecast, a camera charger, and who know what else. I’m one of those people— personally, I need to carry all the tech-extras for my iPhone, Kindle, MacBook, and DSLR; it adds up.

There are lots of different systems out there that claim to keep all your tech stuff better sorted so let’s dig in and look at the best. There’s something that will suit every tech user.

Best for Lots of Stuff: BUBM Double Layer Electronics Organizer ($17)

If you bring everything including your HD TV—or just have a clan of gadget-mad kids—the BUBM Double Layer Electronics Organizer is exactly what you’re looking for. This 10.7” x 8” x 1” gadget bag is big enough to fit an iPad and has an extra internal divider so you can store even more stuff.

The BUBM uses a mix of elastic loops, pouches, and zippered compartments so you can carry any combination you want of cables, chargers, flash cards, USB sticks, and other tech gear. The only problem is that, at about an inch thick, larger charging blocks, external batteries, camera chargers, and some international plugs either won’t fit or will be awkward and blocky.

Best For Just Cables: Cocoon Grid-IT! Organizer 5”x7” ($11)

If you just want to tame your unruly knot of cables, a Cocoon Grid-IT! Organizer is the best option. The Grid-IT! uses a crazy web of elastic straps that mean you can secure your cables however you want.

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