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Sunday, January 27, 2019

The Best Hair Dryers For Every Budget And Hair Type

Waiting for your hair to dry naturally just isn’t convenient. Who’s got time for that? We certainly don’t, s we’ve checked out the best hair dryers help tame and dry hair quickly.

Hairdryers have come a long way in recent times. If you haven’t used one in a while, or you’ve stuck to the cheapest one you could find, you’re going to be really surprised. The key decision for you here is whether to go with an ionic or non-ionic hair dryer.

Lots of claims are made about “ionic” products, but Ionic hair dryers definitely have one thing going for them. They release negative ions which interact with the water molecules on your hair which accelerates the drying process. Because your hair dries faster you can use the hair drier for less time which, in turn, means less heat damage.

However, one complaint people have about ionic hair driers is that they don’t offer the same volumizing effect you get from a traditional dryer. If you’re keen for more volume to your hair, there’s still a need for a nonionic hair dryer so we’ve checked out a great hair dryer that does both.

Here’s our pick of the best hair dryers currently available.

Best For Longevity: BIO IONIC Powerlight Pro-Dryer ($200)

It’s not often we’re able to vouch that something will last you a decade of extensive use, but that’s the case with the BIO IONIC Powerlight Pro-Dryer. ReviewGeek’s editor, Jason Fitzpatrick, and his wife swear by it: they’ve had one for 10 years (and counting) with regular use of a couple of times a day. $20 a year sounds like a bargain to us.

The device offers 1875w of powerful airflow with conditioning Nano Beads that accelerate drying and promote shiny, soft and hydrated hair. It’s a lightweight model anyhow but you won’t have to worry about holding it for too long as it’s pretty speedy when it comes to drying your hair. Several settings are also available for heat and speed, plus you can control how much power to use. After all, different thickness of hair, as well as different lengths, means you might not always want the most powerful setting.

Best Premium Choice: Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer ($400)

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