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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Netflix Is Raising Its Prices Again

We all knew it was bound to happen sooner or later, but for the first time since 2017, Netflix is bumping the cost of all its plans. The price increase will raise prices by 13-18%.

The current base plan, which is $8, will jump to $9. The $11 middle-tier will be $13, while the high-end $14 plan will move to $16. Again, this should come as a surprise to no one—as the company produces more original content, it’s spending more and more money. At least the majority of its original content is really good. Maybe they can use some of this money to negotiate the return of Daredevil (can’t knock a guy for wishful thinking, right?).

The price increase will take place immediately for new customers, though existing users will see the change sometime over the next three months. It’s unclear what will happen with customers who are on some sort of promotional pricing, like the cheaper rates for T-Mobile customers, but it’s unlikely they’ll see any sort of price increase.

via CNBC

from How-To Geek http://bit.ly/2FtP6zB

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