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Thursday, January 10, 2019

How to Make a Website From Your Phone

Many people connected to the Internet only have a smartphone, with no personal computer. While some libraries and internet cafés offer free PC access, it’s easier when you have access to the tools you need at any time. If you’re looking to start a website, the services we’re going to talk about here have fully functional mobile web apps that allow you to build, publish, and edit your site completely from your phone.

The good part about doing it all online is that your work is saved with the service you use, so if you need to make more detailed changes at a public computer you can log into your account and continue working.


GoDaddy’s website builder works straight from their website. They have many themes available—which you are free to edit every part of—and have previews for the mobile and desktop versions of the site. Don’t expect complete customization or an exceptional mobile experience, but it’s fairly easy to make your site look how you want with some tweaking.

You can edit each element to change the style, add new sections to each page, and set up multiple pages with a menubar at the top.

They even have a fairly basic blog solution for easily updating content, which can be put on a separate page.


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