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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Edifier R1280T Review: A Simple, Excellent Desktop Speaker Upgrade

Laptops and desktops often get the short end of the stick when it comes to audio: the former because of space constraints, the latter because pack-in accessories tend to be of low quality. If you want an upgrade for either, these Edifier speakers will do nicely.

The R1280T is a set of fairly conventional bookshelf speakers, with lots of capability concentrated into two chunky wooden satellites with no subwoofer. With a street price of $100 and standard analog inputs, it’s a set that makes a serious upgrade for your desk’s audio without breaking the bank or adding too much bulk or complexity.

Want to upgrade your basic desktop speakers without getting into checkbook-busting audiophile territory? The R1280T is a rock solid upgrade pick.

While the fairly simple setup is unlikely to please audiophiles looking for wall-rumbling power or painstaking precision, they’re a marked improvement over the dusty old 2004-era Logitech set found on many desktops.

Covering the Basics

The powered bookshelf speakers boast 4-inch primary woofers and a dedicated tweeter in each unit, sharing 42 watts of power between them. Inputs are simple: two RCA audio jacks, both of which are constantly active. The right speaker holds adjustment knobs for master volume, bass, and treble, with no screen of any kind.

The connection panel is similarly Spartan, with double RCA inputs and the speaker wire jack for the left unit. The only other control is a power switch. The only indication of a more modern make is the included remote, which is spare, with only volume and mute controls. Oddly the adjustments for treble and bass aren’t available on the remote.

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