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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Best Tools for Pull-Ups at Home

Pull-ups take stamina, strength, and a lot of practice, which is why we’ve rounded up a list of tools to not only aid in your pull up journey, but also add an extra challenge when you finally need it.

Need to work your abs, back, biceps, and shoulders, but don’t know where to start? Want to workout from the comfort of your very own home? Maybe you already work out a lot but are looking for more variety in your exercises. With this roundup of pull up tools, you can enhance your workouts and even make your routines safer for your muscles and joints.

We’ve chosen pull up tools ranging from doorway pull up bars to bands to belts to even machines that help with both pull ups and push ups. And if you’re only interested in push up tools, check out our other roundup of Best Push Up Tools.

Best Doorway Pull Up Bar: ProSource Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar ($26)

Want to exercise without having to go to the gym? With this ProSource Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar, you can practice your pull-ups in any one of the 12 available grips. It will easily stay in place anywhere there’s a sturdy door frame, as long as the doorway is between 24” and 32” wide (so make sure to measure your doorway before buying). The assembly is quick and easy as well.

Practice your closed-, wide angle-, and hammer-grip pull-ups with this bar—and do them comfortably with the padded handles. Not only can you do pull ups and chin ups, you can even work on your leg raises and oblique curls on this bar. You can also take the ProSource and put it on the floor so you can do deep push-ups and tricep dips. Lastly, when placed at the base of a doorway, you can use this bar to focus on abdominal crunches.

This multi-functional bar lets you tone muscles that a normal, straight bar at your gym wouldn’t let you reach. Plus, the ProSource is made of a durable steel material that makes it long-lasting and safe, holding up to 300 pounds of body weight. Just note that this may cause paint chipping or even warping of your door frame if installed improperly.

If you want a home pull-up bar, but don’t want to have it installed in a doorway, check out this Ultimate Body Press Joist Moint Pull Up Bar that you can install on exposed wall joists.

Best Pull Up Bands: INTEY Pull-Up Bands ($33)

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