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Saturday, January 26, 2019

5 Creative Uses for Smart Plugs

various smart plugs on a table

One of the best values in all of the smarthome technology available is the handy smart plug. They’re cheap, but they can do a lot. Here are a handful of creative uses if you find yourself pondering the implications.

First off, if you just bought a smart plug and aren’t quite sure how to set it up and get going, we have some guides on a few different models—like  EufyConnectSense, and Belkin—but for the most part, the process is similar on many other models. And if you haven’t bought one yet and are still deciding, maybe this will help.

With all that said, here are some cool and fun uses for smart plugs that might prove useful to you.

Automatically Turn Off Your Space Heater, Curling Iron, or Other Gadgets If You Forget to

curling iron

Whether it’s the curling iron, space heater, or something else, there’s usually something that people forget to turn off—or at least worry that they’ve forgotten. A smart plug can help with that.

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If you the sort that only remembers you left something on after you leave home (or worry that you might have), you can use the accompanying app on your phone to turn off the smart plug remotely. However, most of the time, when we forget to turn something off, we never remember it later on. To solve that problem, you can set a schedule or a rule for your smart plug and have it automatically turn off at a set time every day.

Start the Coffee Maker from Afar

coffee maker plugged into a smart plug

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