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Monday, December 24, 2018

The Best USB-C Hubs For Your Chromebook

With Chromebooks getting thinner and thinner, most of the port selection is narrowing down to just USB-C ports. Thankfully, these aren’t restricted in any way, and you can plug in your current accessories with one of these great hubs!

One issue with USB-C ports on Windows laptops is that manufacturers may not allow for all of the capabilities. You could see USB-C included for data transfer, but the laptop will require a proprietary connector for charging and HDMI for video-out. It’s frustrating, and it makes buying a USB-C hub for a Windows laptop that much more work.

Fortunately, Chromebooks don’t have that problem. Google has a hand in developing the motherboard that goes inside each Chromebook and Chromebox, mainly to make it easier to provide seamless updates. The other benefit is if you see a USB-C port on a Chromebook, know that it works for charging, display-out, and 5Gbps data transfer.

I’ve used all of these USB-C hubs with a Chromebook at some point in the last two years, so I know first hand that they’ll work for you!

AUKEY USB-C Hub with 4 USB 3.0 Ports ($15)

This hub is great to stash in your bag, just in case you need to connect a USB-A thumb drive, two-factor authentication key, or whatever else. You don’t get power passthrough or display-out with this hub, so look at the other options if those are important to you.

You get four USB-A ports, perfect for connecting your existing accessories. That may be a bit overkill for most uses, but it’s better to have too many ports on your hub than not enough. And with the low price and compact design, this one is perfect to keep in your bag so you always have it handy. This hub comes in black or space gray, though the latter is $5 extra.

Tuwejia USB-C Adapter ($20)

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