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Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Best Smart Thermostat For Your Amazon Echo

If you tend to always fiddle with the thermostat in your house, a smart thermostat can be a nice upgrade. If you want one that works with Alexa and the Amazon Echo, you have some options.

Best Integration: Ecobee4 ($249)

If you’re looking for a smart thermostat that you’ll know will work with Alexa and your Amazon Echo seamlessly, then the Ecobee4 is your best bet. Hell, it already has an Echo smart speaker built in!

That’s right, the Ecobee4 is not only a smart thermostat, but it also doubles as an Echo Dot of sorts, killing two birds with one stone, especially if you don’t already have an Echo in your home. And even if you do, you can move the current one to another room where you’ve always wanted another Echo device.

Aside from the built-in Echo capabilities, the Ecobee4 has all the smart essentials you’d want, like setting a schedule, remote control, room sensors, geofencing, a vacation mode, and more.

And of course, you can control it with your voice and do things like adjust the temperature, set a specific comfort setting, change between heating and cooling, or just ask Alexa what the temperature is in a certain room in the house (if you use room sensors).

Best User Interface: Nest Learning Thermostat ($249)

If you don’t think the Ecobee4 is quite your speed, or if you just want a smart thermostat that’s the easiest to use, we think the Nest Learning Thermostat fits the bill.

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