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Thursday, December 20, 2018

The Best Card And Dice Game Stocking Stuffers

Not every tabletop game has to take up a huge amount of room on your game collection shelf. Some are small enough to fit into your Christmas stocking and that’s exactly what we’re looking at – perfect stocking stuffer gifts for your card and board game adoring loved one.

Given the size constraints, it makes sense that almost all of these are card games, but as any self-respecting tabletop fan knows — you can have a ton of fun with a gripping card game. There’s a little room for a couple of entertaining dice games too. In each case, they won’t break the bank, and they’ll fit snugly into your Christmas stocking more often than not.

Here are the best card and dice games for your Christmas stocking stuffer needs.

Love Letter ($12)

Love Letter sounds quite cute but it’s actually incredibly devious. Players compete to deliver a love letter to the Princess before their rivals. Sounds charming, right? It’s actually full of risky behavior and sneaky deduction. Players must deflect the letters coming from their opponents in a bid to get there faster.

It’s a quick game to play through, only taking about 15 minutes, but you and your loved one will be keen to play more than once. It’s quick to pick up, and incredibly fun too. It’s also the perfect size to slip into a stocking.

Zombie Dice ($9)

Always a popular choice for game fans and newbies alike, Zombie Dice is super simple and super portable too. Its 13 custom dice represent zombie victims and you have to throw the dice in a bid to work out whose brains you eat. A shotgun blast ends the turn and passes play over to the opposition.

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