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Monday, December 17, 2018

The Best Card And Board Games For Impatient Players

Not everyone loves tabletop games (especially long evening-consuming ones). That’s where these perfect bite-sized games shine with their quick setup and quick play.

Christmas is the perfect time for the family to gather around and play a game. What better way to introduce them to board gaming than through games that are quick to set up and play through? Here are some of our favorite options.

We’ve focused on board and card games that don’t take long to set up, as well as aren’t overly complicated to figure out. No one new to gaming wants to be overwhelmed by rulesets that take hours to understand. Instead, you want something that’s pick up and play in nature. All of these games are guaranteed to be exactly like that. As a games player, you’ll be happy to partake too.

King of Tokyo ($32)

King of Tokyo mentions it contains space penguins. What more could you want? A game for 2 to 6 players, you control mutant monsters, rampaging robots, or abominable aliens in a Rampage style battle to the death. Dice and strategic thinking are key here, as you figure out when to attack your enemy and when to heal up. It’s frantic and nothing like how non-gamers picture board gaming to be like.

The game takes moments to prepare and only lasts about 30 minutes so it’s ideal for those with limited attention spans, or that just want a quick fix.

Tsuro of the Seas ($33)

Tsuro of the Seas is a highly accessible game about exploring the high seas. Each player is a captain on a mighty ship as they explore the waves of the Mystic Seas, avoiding enemy ships, and looking out for the monstrous Daikaiju.

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