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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

So You Just Got an Amazon Fire Tablet. Now What?

Hey, congratulations on your new tablet! The Amazon Fire Tablet series offers, without a doubt, some of the best bang for your buck devices you can get in today’s tablet market. You’re going to love it.

As solid as it is out of the box, there are a few things you can do to make that bad boy even better. So let’s go to it.

Install the Google Play Store

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By default, the Fire Tablet line ships with the Amazon Appstore. The Appstore isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s definitely a few steps behind the Google Play Store in terms of content and updates. But since Fire OS is based off of Android, you can easily sideload the Google Play Store for full access to everything Google has to offer.

The process doesn’t require a rooted device and is fairly straightforward—it’s little more than a few app downloads—so hit up this guide and get to work. You’ll be glad you did it.

Switch Up Your Launcher

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