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Monday, December 3, 2018

PSA: You Have Less Than a Month to Get Your iPhone Battery Replaced for Cheap

If you still have an older iPhone and have not yet gotten the battery replaced, you have until December 31 to get it replaced by Apple for just $29.

Last year, it was discovered that Apple was unknowingly throttling iPhone performance in order to prevent unexpected shutdowns on devices with old, degraded batteries. The fix was rather easy: just replace the battery.

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As a goodwill to keep customers happy, Apple started offering discounted battery replacements for devices as old as the iPhone SE and as new as the iPhone X. Normally $69, you can get the battery replaced in your iPhone for just $29, but you only have until the end of the year. Afterward, the cost will likely jump back up to $69 for out-of-warranty service.

If you’re not sure if your iPhone needs a battery replacement, you can check the battery health by going to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. Anything over 80% is pretty good, but if the percentage is lower than that, you would likely benefit greatly from a battery replacement.

You can also replace the battery in your iPhone yourself if you feel up to the task. In older iPhones, it’s not terribly difficult—it just takes a bit of time and patience.

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