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Thursday, December 13, 2018

How to Control When a Picture Appears in PowerPoint

Animating objects in your PowerPoint presentation, when done properly, lets you help control the pace at which you give your audience information. We’ve shown you how to hide an object in PowerPoint. Now, let’s look at the various ways to make an object appear.

Animate Your Objects

In a bit, we’re going to go through how to set the start time and speed of an animation, but first, we need to decide which type of animation we want to give our objects.

If you haven’t already inserted an image in your presentation, go ahead and do that now by heading to the “Insert” tab and clicking the “Pictures” button.

Insert an Image in PPT

Go ahead and position the image where you want it and apply any formatting you want. Then, with your picture selected, switch over to the “Animations” tab.

Animations tab in ppt

You’ll the most common animations displayed right on the ribbon; click one to use it.

Fade Animation

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