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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Best Yoga Accessories to Help With Challenging Poses

Yoga accessories can benefit both newbies and experienced yogis. Whether you’re trying to increase your flexibility or give yourself more of a challenge, check out our favorite yoga tools that will improve your yoga experience.

Everything from belts to blocks to even socks can improve your form, stance, and grip. Whether you need something to help stabilize your body during a challenging pose or you want a tool to help achieve an even deeper stretch, we’ve got something for everyone. So grab your yoga mat and be sure to find an accessory (or two) from our list below!

Best Yoga Strap: REEHUT Yoga Strap ($6-$8)

Yoga straps are used not only for holding various poses, but also for increasing your flexibility by deepening your stretches. With the REEHUT Yoga Strap, you have the option to choose between a 6, 8, or 10-foot strap that’s sturdy enough to give you the necessary support for your balance.

Can’t pull your foot behind your head? Can your one-legged pigeon pose use a little help? A strap can make these moves (and more) easier for you to achieve. Just adjust the strap depending on the pose, place it around your foot, leg, or arm, and complete your move! By adding that extra length and/or range of motion, this strap will help beginners prepare for advanced poses by helping you build your flexibility and strength.

The REEHUT can also be used for physical therapy since it does such a good job at helping you stretch. If you’re looking for strap that focuses solely on stretching, complete with grip loops, check out the Vive Stretch Strap.

Best Yoga Block: yogree Yoga Block ($6)

Just as the REEHUT strap can help you achieve those difficult positions, the Yogree Yoga Block can help you reach the right poses. By using this block, beginners can prepare for the real position while injured yogis can still practice without making their injury worse. Even those who are experienced can benefit by exploring different poses.

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