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Friday, November 9, 2018

The Best Sleep Training Clocks To Get Your Kids In Bed (And Keep Them There)

Whether it’s a challenge to get your toddler to go to sleep or to stay in bed when they pop awake at 5AM, sleep training alarm clocks offer a very visual and very easy to understand tool to help you teach your little one the basics of good sleep practices.

It’s a tough job convincing your toddlers that they don’t have to wake you up bright and early every morning. The problem here is that typically toddlers are early risers, and they can’t read a clock properly to realize it’s an entirely unreasonable time to be awake. They’re awake so they want you to be awake too.

A sleep training clock works on a traffic light system. It uses warm colors as visual cues to tell your child when to go to bed and when is ok to get up. Many sleep training clocks come with simple reward systems and colorful graphics that entertain your kid, while also reinforcing the message of when to rise and when to snooze.

Sure, you can’t guarantee they’ll listen to those cues but it’s a good way of encouraging them into better habits.

There are plenty of sleep training alarm clocks on the market, so we’ve narrowed things down to 7 with each providing a different useful feature for your home. Hopefully, in no time, your whole household will be resting a little easier in the mornings.

The Simplest Sleep Training Alarm Clock: Sleep Buddy ($40)

Simplicity is key sometimes and the Sleep Buddy Sleep System offers that in abundance. It doesn’t require a smartphone for any of its features and it has a long lasting battery that means you can take it away with you for weekend trips away.

The circular device has a programmable blue or amber sleep light that turns on for when your child should be asleep or off for when they can get up. It’s subtle yet soothing, so it blends in well to their bedroom. Primarily, the point is to program specific times to sleep during but there’s also the option of a Nap Now and Night Now features that can be activated at any given moment by you. It’s suitably straightforward so the only challenge you’re faced with is getting your toddler to listen to it.

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