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Monday, November 5, 2018

The Best Gloves To Keep Your Freezing Hands Warm In The Office

If you’re in a cold office all day, it may be hard to get work done with freezing fingers. Eliminate that distraction and discomfort with any one of our toasty warm gloves.

Whether you’re cold, have arthritis, or just want some comfy gloves to type in, we’ve got you covered. We’ve researched fingerless, cashmere, heated, and even compression gloves on this list, so wave goodbye to those uncomfortable digits!

Best Fingerless Gloves: AndeanSun Alpaca Gloves ($20)

Is your office so cold that you can’t get any work done? You need the AndeanSun Alpaca Gloves! These gloves are fingerless, so you’ll be able to sift through papers, sign documents, and even type. The surprise is that these gloves are actually great for offices both warm and cool!

If you’re one to alternate between being hot and cold, these gloves are perfect. They are not only three times as warm as wool so they’ll keep you warm, but the woven alpaca fibers create small pockets of air that create ventilation for your hands in case they feel hot and sweaty. Think of them like super performance wool socks, but for your hands.

Plus, these gloves are moisture wicking, so if your hands sweat or you spill something on them, you won’t even notice. Lastly, these gloves are machine washable—just wash in cold water and air dry.

Softest Fingerless Gloves: Novawo 100% Cashmere Half Fingerless Gloves ($12)

Whether you’re cold or not, sometimes it just feels comfortable having your hands wrapped up in some nice cashmere gloves. But how would you get work done in gloves? The Novawo 100% Cashmere Half Fingerless Gloves leave your fingertips exposed so you can type, write, and use your hands with ease. And instead of wrapping individually around each finger, there’s only one hole for your four fingers and one hole for your thumb—maximizing finger dexterity.

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