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Sunday, November 4, 2018

The Best Amazon Echo Dot Mounts for Your Walls and Outlets

How many times have you knocked your Echo Dot behind your desk, or raced to save it from a meandering pool of spilled coffee? You really ought to keep your digital assistant out of harm’s way. Maybe it’s time to invest in a mount?

Mounting your Echo Dot is just a generally great idea. Not only is the tiny speaker easier to hear when it’s mounted at a reasonable height, but it’s also safe from your destructive spills and bumps. And just imagine how guests will react when they realize that the air-freshener on your wall is actually a digital assistant with access to the infinite knowledge and power of the internet.

A note before we proceed: all of the following mounts are for the 3rd generation Echo Dot. Although it seems like, style changes aside, the old generations should fit in the same mounts it just so happens that the new Echo Dot is about .02 inches wider than the previous model. Those .02 inches are just enough to turn a simple Amazon search for “Echo Dot mount” into a confusing mess of compatible and incompatible mounting hardware.

That note aside, you’ll be happy to hear that none of these mounts cost more than $15.

TotalMount Wall Mount ($11.99)

Looking for a straightforward wall mount? This is it—the TotalMount can be installed with screws or an included adhesive tape, you can quickly mount your Echo Dot on drywall, glass, tile, or metal.  You heard right, now’s the time to rescue your Echo Dot from the dystopia of your bathroom counter and stick it on the tiled wall. No more excuses!

Don’t forget that this 3rd generation Echo Dot packs a better speaker than the previous model. If you’re going to be mounting it on a wall, you may want to consider a space where it can be used for listening to music or podcasts.

Alas, there’s no built-in cable management for the mount. This isn’t a big deal if you’re installing it directly above an outlet or behind a piece of furniture. But you’re going to have to figure out some cable management if you decide to stick a Dot above the toilet in your bathroom, or on the window behind your kitchen sink. Otherwise, it’s got a low-profile design that would look great in any office, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. (Alexa, remind me not to install electronics in the shower).

TotalMount Outlet Mount ($14.99)

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