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Thursday, November 1, 2018

How to Get Nest Hello Doorbell Notifications on Your Google Home Hub

You can easily get Nest Hello video doorbell notifications right on your phone, but if you’re at home lounging on the couch, you can also receive alerts right on your Google Home Hub.

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This is a feature that Google Home users have been able to take advantage of for a while now, but with the Google Home Hub and its built-in screen, you can now have the Nest Hello video feed automatically pop up whenever the doorbell rings, which is way better anyway.

How to Set It Up

The process for setting up Nest Hello notifications on the Google Home Hub are the same for setting it up on all other Google Home devices, and we have a guide that takes you through the process.

The gist is that you’ll need to download the Google Assistant app if you’re on iPhone (Android users are already good to go there). Next, you’ll enable “Visitor Announcements” in your Nest Hello’s settings within the Nest app.

At that point, you’ll connect your Nest app with the Google Assistant app, and you’re off to the races!

How to Show the Video Feed Manually at Anytime

Aside from the video feed automatically popping up when the doorbell rings, you can also bring up the Nest Hello’s video feed manually at any time by saying something like, “Hey Google, show me the Front Door” (or whatever you named your Nest Hello).

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