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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Dropbox’s Upcoming Extensions Update Will Add More File Editing Support, Including Pixlr Photos

Dropbox is perhaps the best-known cloud storage platform for consumers, but it’s hoping to become something more. With an upcoming overhaul to its user tools, Dropbox will add more complex editing tools, in addition to what it already provides with its secondary Paper documents service.

The new editing and collaboration tools will drop on November 13th. The big highlight for most users will be full integration with the popular Pixlr online photo editing service. Pixlr emulates raster image tools from desktop programs like Photoshop and presents them in a surprisingly effective web interface. The Dropbox Extension (capital “E” according to the press release) will allow users of the new Pixlr X to edit still images and Pixlr files directly within Dropbox on the web. Changes will be saved directly to the relevant Dropbox folder and synced with all connected devices and accounts.

Other new tools available via Dropbox extensions include editing PDFs with Nitro, AirSlate, and SmallPDF, editing DWG files via Autodesk and AutoCAD, sending files for electronic signature via Adobe Sign and other services, sending fax messages with HelloFax, and annotating Vimeo video projects. All of these can be accomplished via Dropbox’s web and app interfaces, no additional programs required.

Which specific tools will be available in which versions of the Dropbox app weren’t covered—it seems safe to assume that not every single service with access to the Dropbox API (like Office 365) will be able to perform all the new actions without launching a browser. But for those who spend a lot of time in Dropbox’s web or mobile apps, these new tools should increase speed and efficiency considerably. Dropbox says that more Extensions will be announced in the future.

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