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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Download Skype for More Features Than Windows 10’s Built-In Version

Microsoft starts killing Skype Classic today, but two versions of Skype remain. Windows 10 includes a “Store App” version of Skype, which has fewer features than Skype for desktop, available for download from Microsoft’s website.

Yes, There Are Two Skype Apps

There are two versions of Skype for Windows:

  • “Skype for Windows 10” is included with Windows 10. It comes from the Windows Store. It’s a UWP app, which means it has various limitations, unlike old desktop apps. This is called a “Trusted Microsoft Store App” in the Start menu, and it has a Windows 10-style tile icon.
  • “Skype for Windows” is available for download from Microsoft’s Skype website. If you have Skype Classic installed, it will automatically install this version of Skype on your system soon. It has extra features, as it doesn’t have to deal with the limitations of the UWP sandbox. This is called a “Desktop App” in the Start menu, and it has the traditional Skype bubble icon.

Here’s where it gets confusing: Both Skype apps are based on the new Skype 8 code, and they’re very similar. But the downloadable version has more features. You can install both on your system at the same time, and you can even run them both at once, side by side.

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How to Download Skype from Microsoft’s Website

Microsoft really hides this download, too! To find it, you have to head to the Skype download web page.

The normal “Get Skype for Windows 10” option downloads the Store version of Skype 8. To get the desktop version of Skype 8, you have to click the down arrow next to the download button and select “Get Skype for Windows” beneath the various Linux download options.

What’s the Difference?

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