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Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Best Instant Pot Accessories For Making It Even More Amazingly Useful

There’s a reason why everyone goes on about how awesome Instant Pots are. That’s because, well, they’re awesome. We’ve already looked at one of the best Instant Pots out there, and now we’ve rounded up the best accessories to go with your shiny new wonderful kitchen gadget.

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See, owning an awesome Instant Pot is only one part of the journey. You need the right extras to go alongside it to get the most out of the device. Once you do, you’ll realize there’s not much your Instant Pot can’t do. Here’s our pick of the accessories out there right now.

Silicone Sealing Rings: Instant Pot Genuine Sealing Ring 2-Pack ($12)

Because of how an Instant Pot works, it’s very easy for your sealing ring to absorb the smell and flavor of what you’re cooking. That’s really not good if you use your Instant Pot to make both sweet and savory meals.

Avoid that issue by buying this pack of Sealing Rings. Available in two different colors, you can always remember that red means sweet and blue means savory (or vice versa), so they never get used for the wrong occasion. Because they’re the genuine article, they’ll keep your Instant Pot safe and secure too via a very snug fit.

Extra Inner Pot: Genuine Instant Pot Stainless Steel Inner Cooking Pot ($20-$35)

Unless you’re super organized, there’s going to be a moment where you wish you had a spare inner pot. Buy the Genuine Instant Pot Stainless Steel Inner Cooking Pot, and all those issues fade away.

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