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Saturday, October 27, 2018

The Best Google Home Mini Mounts for Your Outlets, Walls, and Ceiling

So, have you spilled anything on your Google Home Mini yet? Or have knocked it into the abyss behind a dresser? If you’re afraid of beating up your digital assistant, it may be time to consider your mounting options.

Finding some good old-fashioned counter space for your Home Mini is difficult, to say the least. The thing is, you’re dealing with a piece of hardware that’s small and easy to abuse. Leaving the Mini on a coffee table comes with a certain amount of risk, but it may not be able to hear your voice commands if you move it somewhere far out of the way. Mounting the Home Mini on the wall, in an outlet, or on the ceiling looks great protects the device from your clumsiness and mishaps.

Here are the best outlet, wall, and ceiling mounts for the Google Home Mini. They’re all unique, so some may appeal to you more than others. And whether you have a single Home Mini in your kitchen or a bunch of them scattered around your house, you’ll be happy to hear that all of these mounts run under $15.

AMORTEK Outlet Mount ($8.99)

If you want an outlet mount that looks clean and doesn’t stick too far out of the wall, you should consider the AMORTEK. It has a lower profile than other outlet mounts, and it has a cool looking sleeve that hides the power cable behind the Home Mini.

In fact, the AMORTEK mount complements the Home Mini’s design in a way that other mounts don’t. Yes, it looks like an air freshener, but it looks like a Google air freshener. This is a neat option for fans of the Google ecosystem.

Depending on your outlet, there’s a chance that the AMORTEK won’t sit completely flush with your wall. And although the Home Mini’s mute button isn’t accessible from this mount, you can mute the device using voice commands. If that’s still a deal breaker for you, there are other outlet mounts that provide easy access to the mute button.

Mount Genie USB Cover Mount ($13.99)

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