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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Taco Bell is Giving Away Xbox Ones That Make the “Bell” Sound When They Start Up

Taco Bell has been partnering with Microsoft to give away Xboxes for several years now, but never before have the two companies taken a more synergistic approach to this partnership.

With the newest Taco Bell giveaway—which requires you to buy a Double Chalupa Box—you don’t just get the opportunity to win an Xbox. Oh no, it’s a special Xbox. A one-of-a-kind Xbox One that makes the Taco Bell “bell” sound at startup. Damn.

Seriously, that’s some next level marketing here. You won’t be able to buy this Xbox anywhere else, because it’s only for (and from!) Taco Bell. The promotion starts tomorrow, where the Bell will give away one console every 10 minutes between October 18th and November 21st. That’s a lot of custom Taco Bell Xbox Ones.

If you win, you’ll also get an Xbox Elite controller and three months of Xbox Game Pass and Live Gold, you lucky dog.

Xbox via The Verge

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