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Friday, October 26, 2018

Everything You Need To Make Cocktails At Home

It’s fun to make cocktails. In exchange for a little effort, you get to learn something new, and you gain a delicious alcoholic drink out of it. If you’ve got no idea where to start, we’ve got you covered with some great ideas on all the tools you need for home cocktail making.

It’s quite easy to spend a crazy amount of money on cocktail making equipment. However, we’ve focused on the essentials. The tools that will make a noticeable difference to your cocktails, even when you’re just starting out. As you progress further, you can consider upgrading a few things, such as buying fancier glasses to pour the drinks into.

For now, here are some suggestions on valuable purchases to make, and the kinds of drinks they’ll enable you to prepare well.

Three-Piece Shaker: OXO SteeL Cocktail Shaker ($30)

The OXO SteeL Cocktail Shaker is perfect for making a classy Gin Martini. The drink will look as timelessly fashionable as the shaker itself. It’s an 18 oz shaker that includes a built-in Jigger cap and strainer. A jigger is a fancy word for a measuring cup. Made of stainless steel, it has a soft non-slip grip that means you won’t inadvertently fling this across the room while you shake. It looks great too.

Boston Shaker: Top Shelf Bar Supply Stainless Steel Boston Shaker: 2-piece Set ($20)

A quick look at the list and newbies may wonder why there are two different cocktail shakers listed. Well, they come in two basic styles—a three-piece shaker like the one in the previous section and a two-piece Boston shaker like this one. Your decision on which one to use is a fairly personal one, although we’d argue that a three-piece shaker is a little easier to get to grips with at first because everything you need (like a Jigger and strainer) is built into it. Whichever you choose, remember to shake it like you mean it. Ideally to a good rhythm.

If you’re keen to use a two-piece Boston Shaker rather than a three-piece shaker, then the Top Shelf Bar Supply Stainless Steel Boston Shaker: 2-piece Set is a solid example of one. Stainless steel and dishwasher safe, it’s suitably durable and offers plenty of space for three cocktails.

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