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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Chrome 70 Has Picture-in-Picture Now, Here’s How It Works

Chrome’s picture-in-picture mode that allows you to float videos on top of other windows is live in Chrome 70—but it’s not the most intuitive feature. In fact, it’s almost hidden in some cases.

What is Picture-in-Picture in Chrome?

Just like on your TV, picture-in-picture mode in Chrome allows you to pop a video out of the specific tab it’s currently in and float it on top of other windows. It works on Chrome for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and will put the floating window in an always-on-top state, so you can move it anywhere and keep it above other windows.

This is a nifty little feature if you’re cramped for screen real estate and still need to keep eyes on a video, but it’s also sort of a pain to find—at least on YouTube.

How to Use Chrome’s Picture-in-Picture Mode

To pop a video out of a YouTube tab and throw it on top of other windows, you need to access Chrome’s right-click menu. But if you’ve ever right-clicked on a YouTube video, you’ll know that it has its own menu, like this:

To access Chrome’s menu, you’ll need to right click a second time, which will give you this:

And there it is: “Picture in picture.” Just click that little guy and out comes the video, free to live its life outside of a browser tab. They grow up so fast.

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