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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Best Retro And Mini Console Gifts

How to Use Leading Lines for Stronger Photos

As you get better at photography, you need to start making deliberate choices about the composition of your images. The rule of thirds just won’t cut it anymore. One of the simplest and most powerful composition techniques is leading lines. Let’s look at what they are and how to use them.

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Why Composition?

Photography is an art form. Sure, there’s not a tremendous amount of art to snapshots of your dog you took with your iPhone, but there still is the potential there for an image to be more than just a disposable depiction of something that happened.

Good images say something. It’s not always some big, deep point or cultural criticism; often it’s “the world is pretty awesome” or “humans can do cool stuff.” Composition is just one of the tools that serve to deliver the message.

Let’s look at a photo of mine.

In this shot, I wanted to say a few things:

  • Humans are small, and nature is big.
  • Humans still do pretty epic things in nature.

It’s not exactly a Pulitzer-Prize-winning photo, but I think I managed to get my point across with my composition. Whenever you’re taking a photo, think about what you want people looking at it to feel. Calm? Angry? Excited? Inspired? Happy? Whatever it is, the composition will either make or break the message.

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Windows 10’s New Sandbox Feature is Everything We’ve Always Wanted

Whether it’s a program you found on the Internet or something that came in your email, running executable files has always been risky. Testing software in clean systems requires virtual machine (VM) software and a separate Windows license to run inside the VM. Microsoft is about to solve that problem with Windows Sandbox.

VMs: Great for Safe Testing, But Hard to Use

We’ve all received an email that appears to be from a friend or a family member and has an attachment. Maybe we were even expecting it, but somehow it looks not quite right. Or perhaps you’ve found a great looking app on the Internet, but it’s from a developer you’ve never heard of.

What do you do? Download and run it and just take the risk? With things like ransomware running rampant, it’s almost impossible to be too cautious.

In software development, sometimes the thing a developer needs the most is a clean system—a quick and easy to pull up OS that has no other installed programs, files, scripts, or other baggage. Anything extra could skew testing results.

The best solution to both situations is to spin up a Virtual Machine. This gives you a clean, isolated OS. If that attachment turns out to be malware, then the only thing it affects is the virtual machine. Restore it to an earlier snapshot, and you’re good to go. If you’re a developer, you can do your testing as if you’d just set up a brand new machine.

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There are some problems with VM software, though.

First, it can be expensive. Even if you use a free alternative like VirtualBox, you still need a valid Windows license to run on the virtualized OS. And sure, you can get away with not activating Windows 10, but that limits what you can test.

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Geek Trivia: The Probability of Death Is Measured In What Units?

The Probability of Death Is Measured In What Units?

  1. Micromorts
  2. Termini
  3. Mortalities
  4. Deathrolls

Think you know the answer?

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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

PSA: Fake App Store Receipts Are Tricking People Into Providing All Their Personal Details

The Best Tabletop Games For The Whole Family To Enjoy This Christmas

The holidays are the perfect time of year to gather around as a family and play some games. We’ve highlighted some of the best tabletop games for all the family to enjoy.

There are thousands of games to choose from so we’ve focused on the most accessible board and card games out there. We’ve looked at games that family members of all age and ability can get to grips with, so that you don’t have to spend hours explaining rules and regulations. None of these games are too huge either, so you won’t need to devote hours to a session. Instead, you can play these games for a little while before moving onto something else.

Here are some of our favorite games for young and old this Christmas.

Kingdomino ($17)

The aim behind Kingdomino is simple — build the best Kingdom by fitting tiles together well, kind of like dominos. It’s a concept that works brilliantly for 2 to 4 players, and only takes about 15 minutes to complete a game.

Strategy comes from planning how you design your Kingdom so it’s simple enough that kids from 8 and up can figure it out, as well as older relatives who have never played this kind of game before. It’s not complex by any means, but there’s a decent amount of depth here as you figure out how to arrange things, and when to take tiles at the key moment during a game. Simply put, it’s ideal if you have a household of mixed abilities.

Photosynthesis ($35)

The environment is a big issue for many, and understandably so. Combine that key issue with tabletop gaming and you get Photosynthesis—a board game with an important message behind it.

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The Best Desk Toy Stocking Stuffers

A desk job isn’t always the most exciting of roles but it’s what many of us will find ourselves doing each day. How about buying your loved ones a fun toy or trinket to liven up their office desk?

See, you can just stare into space when you want a few minutes peace at work but it’s also fun to mess around with some kind of office toy too. Even better, some of the toys here will help focus your mind or simply encourage you to relax a little and take a breather. We’ve got a bunch of great desk toys and trinkets that will make fantastic stocking stuffers this Christmas.

Infinity Cube Fidget Toy ($11)

Fidget toys are awesome, whatever your age. The Infinity Cube Fidget Toy is a cube based brainteaser that’s playable with one hand. Composed of eight tough ABS plastic blocks lined together with strong stainless steel metal rivets, it’s a reasonably weighty object for you to manipulate with one hand while you concentrate on whatever’s bothering you, or simply let your thoughts drift away.

Like any neat fidget toy, you can use it to build up flexibility in your hands, while you take some time to solve the puzzle and rearrange everything to however you want it to look. It’s a complete time waster but it’s kind of therapeutic and a great way of discouraging you from unhealthy habits like biting your nails or cracking your knuckles.

Kingou Wooden Puzzle Magic Ball ($10)

A true brainteaser, the Kingou Wooden Puzzle Magic Ball isn’t a puzzle that most people will solve fast. You have to piece the shapes together to form a wooden ball. Simple, right? Not in reality. It’s actually hard to assemble, as well as take apart. You really have to spend some time figuring it out, which is why it’s perfect to pass the time during a break at work, or even when taking a conference call.

It comes with paper instructions and a video link QR code but that’s hardly the point. This mind puzzle is there to test you, as well as make you feel like you’ve accomplished something. Even when it’s been a rough day.

Deluxe Sand Garden ($20)

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How To Move an iMovie Project From Your iPhone or iPad to Your Mac

If you’ve ever spent time creating an iMovie project on your iPhone or iPad that you wanted to continue working with on your Mac, moving it over is a simple process. Here’s how to do it.

Note: One thing to keep in mind about this process is that you won’t be able to send your projects back to your iPhone or iPad after migrating them to Mac. You’ll have to continue editing on your Mac, so be careful not to send unless you’re committing to editing on Mac.

With that out of the way, here’s how to move iMovie project to your Mac

First, open iMovie on your iPhone or iPad and select the Projects tab at the top. Next, tap on the project icon you’d like to share. You should see a new screen pop up. Tap the “Share” button on the same screen.


The easiest way to move your project to your Mac is via AirDrop. When you click Share, you should see the option to AirDrop your file to your Mac, as long as it’s enabled. Tap the AirDrop icon to send the project to your computer. When it arrives, it should automatically pop up on your screen in the Finder window. If you hit any snags, here’s a detailed tutorial on using AirDrop to share items.


You will have several other options via your Share menu, such as saving the file to your device, sending it via Messages, and more. Depending on how large your project is, it may take some time to send via AirDrop, but this eliminates much of the muss and fuss that comes along with moving projects from one device to another. Alternatively, you can send your project to your iCloud Drive via the same menu, or send your file to your computer by simply syncing it to your iTunes account.

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How to Import a PowerPoint Presentation into Google Slides

Did you receive a PowerPoint presentation, but you don’t have PowerPoint? Giving up on Microsoft Office and making the change to Google Slides? No problem; Google Slides lets you easily import PowerPoint presentations. And while it might not support some of the same features and effects of a PowerPoint presentation, it works pretty well.

How to Import a PowerPoint Presentation into Google Slides

To view a PowerPoint presentation on Google Slides, you must first upload the file to your Google Drive. Open Google Drive, click “New,” and then click “File Upload” to get started.

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Navigate to your file(s) and then click “Open.”

Alternatively, you can drag and drop a file from your computer directly into the web browser for an easy upload.

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Windows 10’s October Update is Now Widely Available, Here’s How to Get It

Microsoft’s Windows 10 October Update has had its fair share of issues, but it’s widely available for all users. The thing is, you still may have to pull it manually. Here’s what you need to know.

The October 2018 Update, which is Version 1809, has been plagued with issues since its initial rollout—the worst of it was probably when it was accidentally deleting users’ files (oops). But it also broke network drives, borked Windows Media Player’s seek function, and did some janky stuff with Intel drivers.

Anyway, fast forward to today, and Microsoft has apparently fixed these issues. The update has been slowly rolling out to users in blocks to make sure that it has been stable along the way. Finally, you can have it today if you’re so inclined.

Note: Before pulling this update, we highly recommend checking what version of Windows 10 you’re already running. If it’s 1809, you’re already up to date and we discourage checking for updates as it can pull an unstable version of Windows.

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To grab the update, you’ll need to jump into Windows 10’s Settings menu. Click the Start Menu and then the little cog icon.

From there, select Update & Security.

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