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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Geek Trivia: Which Defunct 1990s Web Host Is Now Archived By The Pirate Bay?

Which Defunct 1990s Web Host Is Now Archived By The Pirate Bay?

  1. Angelfire
  2. Homestead
  3. Tripod
  4. GeoCities

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Saturday, January 19, 2019

How to Turn a Raspbery Pi into a Plex Server

Plex Server showing movie library

Plex Media Servers are great for storing and accessing all your movies, tv shows, and other media. Unfortunately, Plex Server hardware can be expensive, electricity intensive, or both. To reduce both bills,  use a Raspberry Pi for a Plex Server.

What You Need to Know

Running a Raspberry Pi as a Plex Server does come with several benefits. It won’t take up as much room as a server or a full-size PC. It also will use less electricity, even when idle all day. Best of all, it costs less than most other hardware capable of working as a server.

There are some downsides to be aware of, though. The Raspberry Pi 3 has an ARM processor that just doesn’t have the power to support transcoding. So when you are setting up your videos, you are going to want to choose MKV as your video format. That will usually bypass the need for transcoding. (Just about every Plex player supports MKV without transcoding on the fly, but a few smart TVs might have problems.)

Even then, while you’ll be able to watch standard Blu-ray quality locally, you probably won’t be able to view these videos remotely. And 4K Videos are likely not going to play well either. Also, keep in mind that this is not officially supported, and you’ll need to update the server software manually.

But once you account for those potential pitfalls, the Raspberry Pi does make a competent Plex Media Server.

Getting Started

Compared to using a dedicated full PC or an NVIDIA Shield as a Plex Server, the costs to get started with a Raspberry Pi are relatively low. You’ll need:

Optionally you might want to consider a case and a heat sink for the Raspberry Pi. You’ll need a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to get everything in place, but after that, you can run the Pi headless.

To start with, you will want to set your Raspberry Pi up following the standard steps. The easiest thing to do is get a copy of NOOBS to install the latest version of Raspbian.

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Geek Trivia: Advertisers Set Analog Watches To What Time To Attract Customers?

Advertisers Set Analog Watches To What Time To Attract Customers?

  1. 4:40
  2. 12:30
  3. 5:00
  4. 10:10

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Friday, January 18, 2019

How to Change Page Orientation in Google Docs

Google Docs logo

Most of the time, using a portrait orientation for document pages makes sense. Occasionally, such as when you have a large table that requires that extra bit of horizontal space, you might need to change to a landscape orientation instead. Here’s how to do that in Google Docs.

Unfortunately, Google Docs only lets you change the page orientation of an entire document, not just parts of it. If you’re coming from something like Word, which does let you orient different sections in different ways, you’ll have to get used to that limitation. So, you won’t be able to insert a single landscape page in an otherwise portrait-oriented document, something that would be very useful.

Still, being able to change the orientation for your entire document can certainly be useful in some situations.

How to Change Page Orientation in Google Docs


pen the “File” menu and then click “Page Setup” to open the Page Setup window.

Open the File menu and click Page Setup

At the top of this window, in the “Orientation” section, you can switch your document between portrait and landscape. Make your choice and then click “OK” to apply your selection.

choose an orientation options and click OK

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PSA: Nintendo is Closing the Wii Shop Channel on January 30th

Verizon’s Newly Free Tools Will Tell You Spammers Are Calling (But Won’t Stop Them)

Deal Alert: Grab an Insignia 39″ Smart TV For $149.99

TV’s are getting cheaper and cheaper, but you shouldn’t grab the smallest, cheapest TV that you can find. If you’ve been waiting for a great TV deal, now’s your chance to buy an Insignia 39″ smart TV for just $149.99.

Whether you’re trying to replace your old TVs or add some new TVs to your home, the Insignia 39″ smart TV is a great option. It’ has Amazon Fire and Alexa capabilities, so you can stream your favorite episodes of ‘Tidying Up’ without touching a remote. And since the Insignia is a cozy 39″, it’ll work perfectly in some of the spare rooms of your home.

Best Buy is offering the Insignia 39″ smart TV for $149.99 right now, which is $100 less than the retail price. It’s their Deal of The Day, but it may sell out in a couple of hours, so you’ll have to think fast.

If you want to save a little bit more money, you can always grab a 32″ Insignia smart TV from Best Buy $129.99. Just keep in mind that neither of these deals will last long, so you don’t want to spend too much time thinking about size.

Source: Best Buy

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The Best Headset Stands For Your Desk To Keep Your Headphones Safely At Hand

Microsoft is Ending Windows 10 Mobile Support on December 10th, 2019

Windows 10 Mobile support is coming to an end in December. Microsoft stopped developing features for the Mobile OS in 2017, but with this news, all updates come to an end, marking a final death to a once-promising mobile OS.

All Support is Coming to an End

Microsoft recently updated its support page for Windows 10 Mobile to note the change in status. After December 10th, any Windows 10 Mobile on the 1709 build will stop receiving any updates whether security related or not. The company will also discontinue any free support options or online technical assistance.

Users on build 1703 will see end up support even sooner—June 11th, 2019. If you’re wondering about 1803 and 1809, these builds never made it to Windows Phones.

Some Services will Stop Later

After the end of support, Windows Phones will continue to work, but some features will eventually shut down. Automatic and manual backups for settings and apps will cease after March 10, 2020. And services like photo upload and device restore will stop December 2020.

Your Next Move Should be to Switch to a new Mobile OS

Microsoft says it best. Switch to Android or iOS:

With the Windows 10 Mobile OS end of support, we recommend that customers move to a supported Android or iOS device. Microsoft’s mission statement to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more, compels us to support our Mobile apps on those platforms and devices.

If you’re one of the few diehards who stuck out this long, you may find welcome surprises. Microsoft apps on iOS and Android are exceptionally well supported, and offer features not seen on Windows Phones today. Both an iOS and Android version of Outlook exists, along with an iOS and Android version of OneDrive. And if you need any help deciding, we think one phone really stood out last year.

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Solid Deal: Grab Three CamelBak Podium Big Chill Bottles for Just $20


Staying hydrated is important all the time, but this is especially true if you work out. And when it comes down to it, CamelBak’s Podium Big Chill bottles are fantastic. Today, you can grab a trio for just $20.

If you’re not familiar with CamelBak’s bottle lineup, here’s the quick and dirty: they have the Podium, which are uninsulated 20 ounce bottles; the Podium Chill, which are insulated 20 ounce bottles, the Podium Big Chill, which are insulated 25 ounce bottles, and the Podium Ice, which are highly insulated 21 ounce bottles.

But here’s the thing: CamelBak recently redesigned its bottles to work better for cyclists—the older design was kind of off in a bottle cage on a bike. The new design works much better in that scenario.

Because of the redesign, however, they’re knocking the price on the older design. So you can grab three of the 25 ounce Big Chill bottles for just $20 if you use the coupon code 3FOR20 on CamelBak’s website. The bottles come in nine different colors, and it appears they’re all still in stock at the time of writing.

If you’re in the market for some new hydration equipment for the gym, on a run, or just for general use, these bottles are excellent. They hold a lot of water, keep it cold for twice as long as uninsulated bottles, and also look great.

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